Monday, June 2, 2008

Midnight Rambling

I'm new to blogging & don't really know what to expect. Nor how often I will get the chance to do this. My husband, Rupert, is upstairs on his computer. Oh, what luxury to have peace & quiet downstairs on my own. The only trouble is how long for? Well here goes. I might as well make the most of this. I don't know when I'll get the chance again. If I hear any footsteps coming down the stairs I'll quickly go back to playing solitaire! I have had to do that several times to day because I didn't want Rupert to see what I'm really doing on the computer.
The kids are tucked up in bed & are fast asleep. It is now nearly 1 am! A rarity me being awake at this time. Normally I am fast asleep on the settee in front of the telly.
This last week has been a hectic week. Rupert started radiotherapy last Wednesday following surgery to remove a malignant brain tumour which is a secondary tumour to a malignant melanoma he had 12 years ago. Don't know what the future holds. He is very disagreeable at the moment. This may be to do with the steroids he is having to take or a personality change following surgery. Maybe he has a bit of an odd personality anyway. Who knows? A lot to take on board.
Rupert has 2 more sessions to go with his radiotherapy. Don't know whether he needs chemo as well. We are waiting for the side effects to occur. They are at their worst 10 days after treatment stops. Probably he will be extremely tired, loose all of his hair & have a sore scalp as they are doing the treatment to the whole of his head.
My eldest son Rick broke his elbow this week - on the very day that Rupert started his treatment. He fell off his bike & now has his arm in plaster. Luckily it was his left arm & Rick is right handed. His arm will be in plaster for 3 weeks.
Rick is very like my husband in many ways and I'm wondering whether they both have a touch of Asperger syndrome. I'm planning on seeing the G.P. this week as the school are also concerned. So what a week it has been. Let's hope I can get some answers for both their sakes.
Rupert didn't come down the stairs. Didn't have to result in playing solitaire for the umpteen time. Looks like I have got away with it this time!


Maggie May said...

Really glad you decided to blog, Debs, and look forward to reading your side of the story from time to time. As your Mum, I know only too well all that is going on, but only from MY perspective.
I'm sure that blogging will help you to find some peace in this turmoil that you now find yourself to be in.
I am adding you to my Blogroll if that is OK?
Hope Rupe gets on OK with the radio therapy.
Lots of hugs to you and Rick & Dean XXXXXXX

Debbie Drews said...

Yes adding me to your blogroll is fine. The radio therapy is finished now. Waiting for the hair loss & other side effects to take effect.Lots of love to you Maggie xxxx

Bernie said...

Debbie, wonderfully written. I am so sorry for your loss. You are a strong woman who loves deeply and are so blessed with 2 sons as they are to have you for their mum. Stay strong my young friend....Hugs