Monday, January 18, 2010

Candle revisited

On Sunday I decided to cook a Sunday roast. I don't normally do this very often because it is too much hard work & both my sons are very fussy eaters.

Anyway, I spontaneously asked Rick & Dean whether they would like me to light the silver & glittery candle which I had lit on what would have been Rupert's birthday (see my last post "Daytime ramblings of painful anniversaries"). I don't normally light candles but obviously feel drawn to this particular candle after my experience with it.

Rick & Dean had been very keen to hear about this encounter & they were okay for me to light it again. This time, as soon as I had lit it, the flame didn't die down. However the flame was never as tall or as bright as when it had been Rupert's birthday. It was just a normal candle. The magic was gone.

This seems like additional confirmation to my questioning mind, that yes I was truly blessed by both God & Rupert.

Thank you for your kind comments & encouragement. I certainly feel loved & supported by so many of you. Thank you for your prayers.

Debs x


Maggie May said...

I hope you find much comfort and some good friends through blogging, as I have done.
I find blogging down my thoughts and problems is very therapeutic and costs nothing.
The candle picture looks lovely.

Much love, Mum X

Nuts in May

Teacher's Pet said...

I love the candle....I'm so glad to see it.
It's wonderful to have a new blogging friend...and I do hope that you have a lovely day (and wish I would have known about the roast earlier...I might have made the trip over to have a bite or two with you. :)) )
Hugs to you, my new friend.